Photography is in general my big passion. I started my photo adventure in 1997, when I was capturing nature, landscapes and everyday life. On the other hand as a metal music fan, I decided to share with bigger audience expressions and enormous power from the concerts. Working with bands on the stage and capturing fans gathered to listen this kind of music gives me huge satisfaction and motivation to have better results.
Each time when I'm copying photos from the memory card I'm feeling big adrenaline flow, curiosity and motivation to show the atmosphere of each concert. These kinds of stuff decide what road I'm taking

I'm trying to express dynamics and power of the band. My secret is also post-production. Choosing of frames appropriately and working with Lightroom influence recognition of my photos.
Each photographer has its own unique style and each shot is unique. But to have its own style you need to add to the technical skills as well as passion and lots of heart.
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